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Venado´s Caves 


If you know yourself and feel adventurous, the Venado Cave´s is your next destination.

Venado Cave´s is a horizontal cave system formed thousand years ago instead of the vertical ones that required harness and climbing equipment, so only equipment you need are closed sandal or robber boots, flash light and helmet. Once at the cavern we come into a sub terrain river and few minutes after, the dark will introduce us into a chamber system where fossils, antique coral reefs, stalagmites and stalactites and many bat species are reveal by the local expert guide in 2hrs hike.

After the hike we can enjoy a nice time into the pool or just take a shower before leaving Venado town which is 1h away from La Fortuna.

Tour included:transportation,guide, bottled water,equipment,fruits and entrance fee.

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