The drive take 2 h 20m from La Fortuna area to the reception area of "Hornillas" we ride in brand new vehicles mini vans or 4x4 cars.

We continue our trip with a visit to “Las Hornillas”, a place situated at the foot of the volcano, where we can find some geysers all over the project. At this place we will be able to horseback ride or to be carried by a horse drawn, to get to the forest and hike thru it for about 40 minutes to observe several waterfalls and some animals and plants so we will get an amazing view of the Tropical wet Forest.

we will get covered by volcanic mud and enjoy the natural hot springs that emerges from the volcano getting a beauty treatment from Mother Nature. We finish our trip with a delicious lunch to get back to the hotel.

Includes:Transportation, Nature Guide, Entrance fee, lunch in Miravalles, Snacks, Fruits, Volcanic mud bath & Lunch.

Your  kids will love our Tropical Wet forest, adventures, volcano gazing, waterfall explorations, wildlife spotting a

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