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was born and raised in Costa Rica; I've always loved to be outdoors. Nature and outdoor activities began as a child, my family and I used to go the far corners of Costa Rica.

I grew up in a rural area Liberia knowing for the beautiful beaches near by Tropical Dry Forest, Volcanoes, zip-line tours. Also known as a place full of culture.

Certified by the Costa Rican Tourism board and Today, I have been working for over seven year in the tourism industry in Costa Rica.

Currently living by the Arenal Volcano,
What I enjoy the most about guiding is the opportunity to meet new people and understand their way of seeing the world.

He also enjoys the privilege of observing nature. Currently living in a very nice place call La Fortuna near the Arenal Volcano wand Monteverde.

When he is not guiding he is birding or why not walking at night looking for amazing Frogs or Snakes photos.

Nature Guide_Costa Rica
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