Sloth Quest in La Fortuna $55 Per person

The best way to see sloths on the wild .You will have the opportunity to witness both two-toed and three-toed sloths in their natural environment. You will also have the chance to witness toucans and colorful frogs on this rainforest tour.

How to Guarantee a Sloth Sighting

  • Go with a guide - sloths are great at camouflaging and are often high up in the trees, guides have finely-tuned sloth-spotting skills and will help you find them.

  • Visit during good weather - sloths tend to curl up into a ball and hide when it's raining.

  • Be quiet and patient - listen closely for leaf rustling and scan the canopy tree tops.

  • Wear neutral-coloured clothing - to blend into your surroundings.

  • Bring a camera with a good zoom lens - to capture that perfect travel memory!

Includes:Transport,Nature Guide,equipment,water and fruits.

Your  kids will love our Tropical Wet forest, adventures, volcano gazing, waterfall explorations, wildlife spotting a

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